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Technology for a cleaner future!

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2016-07-26 14_03_28-BilderWe are developing a new separation technology suited for taking out minor contaminations in liquid solutions. We have been developing the technique since 2013, and have very good results in several different applications, including oil from water and heavy metals from salt solutions.

We are aiming at developing the technique to make it competitive also in industrial applications, and our results so far indicate a very good separation.

We are always looking into new areas or industries in which our technology may be developed further, and we are currently looking into cleaning of toxic waste and ash from incinerators.

If you or your business have any challenges or cases in which a purification or a contamination reduction is needed, do not hesitate to contact us to hear more about us and our status!

Our engineers have long experience from process engineering within several different industries, ranging from offshore oil & gas, through metallurgic industry to public wastewater handling. This provides us with a broad field of expertise, and we believe this gives us a unique possibility to adapt to several process engineering applications.

Example of process engineering with Aspen Hysys software

Process simulation in Aspen Hysys

We can perform a variety of process simulation tasks on demand. We have experience with process simulation from both minor to more complex processes, and we use front-end simulation tools such as Aspen Hysys in our work. Results from the simulations can be used for sizing of piping and equipment in addition to overall plant design.

A few examples of tasks and applications in which we may provide expertise are the following:

  • Heat integration
  • Process plant simulations
  • Degassing
  • Heating or cooling systems
  • Pipe and equipment sizing
  • Fluid flow considerations

Mobile skid for testing of valves in-situ

Our business model is built upon innovation and development of new world-class technology, and we have worked with practical and theoretical challenges since the foundation of our company. This has given us long experience in carrying out innovation projects within process engineering and water treatment on a limited budget.

Our innovation model builds on the LEAN principles in which we stribe to get as much information as possible early on with as little effort as possible. Identifying and obtaining such critical information early makes us able to adjust the concept in order to maximize the outcome from the project. We are using these techninques both in our internal development projects as well as in our projects with customers, and we have very good experiences from it.

In addition to our internal projects regarding e.g. contamination cleaning, we have both assisted in projects, and carried out the whole scope for our customers including development of new technology. Our external development projects range from development of a mobile skid for testing of valves in-situ for a major oil company to developing a revolutionary technique for aerating of CO2 from well water in fish farms.

We have access to laboratory facilities at both our offices, and we can carry out the full scope of the project, as well as contribute to identifying challenges and possibilities in your specific application.

2016-07-26 11_29_32-Bilder

Screenshot from Microsoft Project

Our senior engineers have experience from managing projects in several different businesses and can help you manage your project or specific parts of the project.

Our portfolio ranges from establishing warehouses for huge companies to installation of power meters for power companies, as well as managing production of pressure vessels. We have special expertise within SHE-work, Hazids and Hazops, and have done business both in Norway and abroad.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our capabilities or experience, or if you have a project to carry out!

In our daily work as well as in our previous jobs, all of us have broad experience from engineering. Our engineers have experience from offshore oil & gas, metallurgical industries, water treatment, hydropower, chemical laboratories and a lot more. Some of the engineering tasks we can carry out for your business are:

  • Water treatment2016-07-26 13_37_24-Bilder
  • Mechanical design
  • Process design
  • Pipe and equipment sizing
  • Production chemistry
  • Feasibility studies
  • Fluid engineering
  • Fabrication drawing and follow-up
  • Hazid/Hazop
  • 3D modelling
  • Schematic drawing


We provide services ranging from traditional process engineering to front-end innovation services. Our main focus is innovation, and we aim to develop world-leading separation and water treatment solutions within several applications.


OiW has a high focus on profitable projects that contribute to reducing environmental footprint. Our main expertise is water treatment and process engineering within several different industries.

Intelligent solutions within water treatment and process engineering!