Meet our new employee Oddgeir Tveit in Molde

//Meet our new employee Oddgeir Tveit in Molde

Meet our new employee Oddgeir Tveit in Molde

Meet our new employee in Molde

As a result of increasing activity both within our R&D projects, as well as an increasing demand for process engineering competence, OiW has recently hired another employee in our location in Molde. Here you can meet our new co-worker and read some of his thoughts regarding starting in OiW.

This fall we hired a new employee at our office in Molde. Oddgeir Tveit started working with us from September 12th, and have brought with him high competence. His competence and knowledge is on many fields complementary to what we already have, and he has already been able to do major contributions to our projects.

Below, you can read more about Oddgeir, and his thoughts regarding working with us.

Oddgeir Tveit

Why did you choose OiW?

I had just moved to Molde and was looking for a relevant job as a process engineer. Through some contacts in the region I heard about OiW and I was immediately drawn towards them as their values and visions really appealed to me. On top of that it was a great opportunity for me to work in an up and coming company where I could be a part of their success from an early stage.

What is your background?

I am fresh from the university. I got a MSc in mechanical engineering from NTNU with a specialization in Energy and Process engineering. I hope that my background as a process engineer who also has skills within mechanical design will be helpful for OiW

What do you think OiW will look like in 10 years?

I believe that OiW will continue to grow and continue to develop new technologies. Hopefully in ten years OiW will have several proven technologies and OiW will be a company which makes a difference with their smart engineering solutions and environmentally friendly technologies.