Meet our new employee Martin Einarson Waag

//Meet our new employee Martin Einarson Waag

Meet our new employee Martin Einarson Waag

Meet our new employee in Porsgrunn

As a result of increasing activity both within our R&D projects, as well as an increasing demand for process engineering competence, OiW has recently hired another employee in our location in Porsgrunn. Here you can meet our new co-worker and read some of his thoughts regarding starting in OiW.

This summer we hired a new employee at our office in Porsgrunn. Martin Einarson Waag started working with us from June 1st, and have brought with him high competence and experience from the region. His competence and knowledge is on many fields complementary to what we already have, and he has already been able to do major contributions to our projects.

Below, you can read more about Martin, and his thoughts regarding working with us.

Martin Einarson Waag

Why did you choose OiW?

I didn’t really know much about the company nor the people when I applied and honestly, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. During our first meeting I got a very good impression of the people behind the company, their visions and desire for developing processes and solutions favorable for the environment.

I saw the possibility to work in a provident, small and dynamic company where all employees have both the possibility and obligation to contribute in forming the companies future.

What is your background?

I hold a MSc in Process Technology from the University College of Telemark. My first job after completing the studies was as a process engineer for Aibel. In 2008 I started as a process engineer in Mator AS, later KANFA Mator AS. In Mator I worked mainly with separation and produced water treatment, production chemicals and troubleshooting related to these topics. I participated and led different projects, from normal sampling and analysis to more complex projects with injection of radioactive tracers and neutron/gamma scanning for evaluation of separator performance. I have always enjoyed working in the interphase between the operators and the engineers both on the Norwegian sector and abroad.

What do you think OiW will look like in 10 years?

Hopefully our solutions will contribute to the environment by reducing the amount of hazardous substances that are discharged into the air and sea. Our solutions will also increase the ability to regenerate valuable materials from waste hence contribute to the circular economy and reduce our consumption of non-renewable resources. The focus on environmental issues and our consumption of non-renewable resources has to increase in the years to come. This, combined with the excellent people at OiW, is the reason why I believe that OiW has a great potential for success.